Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Russian President Vladimir Putin had no plans to congratulate Zelenskiy until progress is made settling the conflict in eastern Ukraine and healing ties with Moscow, according to the Reuters news agency.As ministers and lawmakers listened with dismay, Zelenskiy urged everyone in the cabinet to resign, asking them to “free the spot for people who will think about the future generations, not about the future elections.”Many lawmakers had already viewed Zelenskiy’s inauguration with apprehension, and it was not clear if the new president could legally dissolve the sitting parliament. Political factions have been maneuvering for weeks trying to avoid such a situation.Zelenskiy is hoping to ride the wave of his electoral success to get his supporters into parliament. Ukraine’s parliamentary election was scheduled for Oct. 27, and the current legislature’s authority expires in late November. Ukrainian law allows the president to disband the parliament no later than six months before its power expires.In a bid to deprive Zelenskiy of the opportunity to call an early election, a faction in the Rada had announced its departure from the ruling coalition, technically collapsing Poroshenko’s government. The parliament’s rules envisage that it cannot be disbanded within 30 days following the announcement of a collapse of the ruling coalition.Zelenskiy’s supports argued, however, that the motion was legally void because the coalition had long ceased to exist.The new president wrapped up his speech at parliament by referring to his career as a comedian.

“Throughout all of my life, I tried to do everything to make Ukrainians laugh,” he said with a smile. “In the next five years I will do everything, Ukrainians, so that you don’t cry.”

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