“No, I’m saying I don’t trust you,” McCoy said, gaining applause from the audience.

“You lied to Congress,” said another. “Why would people believe you’re not lying to us right now?”

Another yelled that Alexander should “Read the Constitution!”

Alexander spent most of his speech attempting to portray the NSA as an agency with strict oversight that respects privacy and does not have free reign over internet and telephone communications—contrary to the detailed reports and NSA documents published in the Guardian over the past several months.

Alexander’s speech at the conference came the same day as the latest revelations in the Guardian that detail an NSA program titled XKeyscore. Documents handed over to the Guardian by Snowden show that NSA employees and contractors are able to comb through vast databases containing emails, online chats and the browsing histories of millions of individuals with no prior authorization from higher ups.

Alexander did not mention XKeyscore in his speech.


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