National Nurses United co-president Deborah Burger, who was inside the room during Sanders’ address, told Common Dreams that the senator from Vermont “gave the speech that he was supposed to give and I think he pretty much expected the response that he got.”

“There are some people who have said, ‘ok we’re going to move on and work to elect Hillary Clinton because Donald Trump is obviously not good for the country,'” Burger said. “However, there was an equally large—or larger—group that has been frustrated by the entire process that the DNC has set up and aren’t ready to either endorse Hillary Clinton, and/or work to get her elected.”

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While she remains frustrated at the party’s stance on single-payer healthcare and the TransPacific Partnership (TPP), Burger, for her part, said she left Sanders’ speech feeling hopeful. Noting that Sanders walked off stage to chants of “Thank you, Bernie,” Burger said the message from the movement was: “You got us this far, we’ll take it from here.”

Watch the full speech below:

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