“Russia has been stating and reiterating its stance that we have no right and cannot interfere in domestic affairs of a sovereign state,” said Matvienko, adding that Russia does not support the idea of dividing the country along East-West, or any other lines.

“We are for Ukraine as a united state, and there should be no basis for separatist sentiments,” she said.

As the situation continues to develop, foreign policy analyst John Feffer argues in a new piece Wednesday that one striking fact about the complex situation in Ukraine is how despite attempts by key global powers—namely the established Ukraine government, the US, the EU, and Russia—to dictate or control the situation within Ukraine, all were out-manuevered by the opposition forces on the ground in Kiev.

Writing at Foreign Policy In Focus, Feffer sums it up this way: “Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych tried to hang on to power, and failed. Russian President Vladimir Putin tried to maintain Russian influence, and failed. The EU tried to mediate, and failed. And the United States tried to…well…”

Feffer breaks down some of the recent developments and then lays out this explanation:


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