“Those certain individuals who [have] money, they cross all borders,” reads the refugees’ statement to EU and UN officials, which was written out on a sheet and hung from a windowsill, yet “we are all humans.” The statement describes camp conditions as “like prison” and says that “all women, children, and men are sick.”

“Please free us,” the refugees plead.

“This is not the first hunger strike to have taken place in refugee camps in Greece this year,” reports leftist Greek magazine AnalyzeGreece. “Just last week, refugees in Elliniko went on hunger strike, complaining about the detention conditions, while hunger strikes have also taken place in Eidomeni (March 2016) and in the VIAL detention camp in Chios.”

Humanitarian group Doctors Without Borders (MSF) lays the blame for the ever-worsening situation on the EU/Turkey deal, in an excoriating condemnation published Monday in the Huffington Post.

MSF describes the frightening ramifications of the deal’s treatment of human beings as bartering chips:

The organization writes that it is ambivalent about continuing to provide humanitarian aid to refugees in Europe under such conditions.

“Unsatisfied with deterrence measures like their layers of razor wire, their sniffer dogs and their construction of ever higher walls, European leaders have resorted to now abusing humanitarian and development aid as a tool for border control,” MSF writes.

“Europe is proffering billions of euros to implement this deal, hanging a dilemma over the heads of the humanitarian community,” says the group. “Should aid agencies provide desperately needed aid in service of an anti-humanitarian policy that has the ultimate goal of keeping people away from European soil?”

In an open letter released Thursday, MSF appealed to Europe to recall the world’s last refugee crisis, when it was Europeans who were the ones sent scattered around the world seeking refuge from war: “Is World War II so long ago that you no longer recall the basic human need to flee from violence and persecution when left with no other choice?”

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