“The rules represent a galling assault on our freedom of speech and citizen’s rights to protect their health and environment. That’s downright un-American,” said Michael Wall, senior attorney for the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), one of the groups involved in the lawsuit. The other organizations are the Western Watersheds Project, National Press Photographers Association, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), and Center for Food Safety.

“The Wyoming Legislature was not coy about its purposes,” the lawsuit states. “The Data Censorship Statutes were enacted after Wyoming livestock interests sued Western Watersheds Project, a plaintiff in this case, for allegedly trespassing while collecting water quality samples. Western Watersheds had collected data that revealed potentially unlawful water pollution and federal grazing permit violations, and had given that data to the government.”

The impact of the laws, the suit continues, “is serious,” placing advocacy groups and their members “in jeopardy for acting to protect public health, the environment, and animal welfare, as well as for informing public debate and governmental decision-making on issues of considerable public concern.” Such issues, the lawsuit contends, include environmental degradation and misconduct, animal cruelty and abuse, and land use and misuse. 

“Plaintiffs wish to continue such data collection and public reporting,” the lawsuit declares. “The Data Censorship Statutes are designed to deter them from doing so.”

Travis Bruner, executive director of Western Watersheds Project, added: “It’s clear that Wyoming’s agricultural industry [is] looking for a way to silence its critics, and the state legislature went along with the plan. It’s a shame that Wyoming’s government cares less about upholding the rights of all of its citizens to clean water and clean air and more about the livestock sector’s ‘right’ to secretly pollute and impair our natural resources.”

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