“Over the past three decades,” the Guardian reports, “the Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra (MST) has fought to settle ‘unproductive’ plots of land held by the state, banks or big landowners, putting activists in the vanguard of campaigns against monocultures, genetically modified crops, forest conservation and inequality.”

“Since 1985,” explains the Friends of MST website, “the MST has peacefully occupied unused land where they have established cooperative farms, constructed houses, schools for children and adults and clinics, promoted indigenous cultures and a healthy and sustainable environment and gender equality.”

“The MST has won land titles for more than 350,000 families in 2,000 settlements as a result of MST actions, and 180,000 encamped families currently await government recognition,” they state.

Coinciding with the March, from Monday until Friday, the MST has been holding its 6th National Congress in the capital to map out strategies going forwards in the fight for land reform.

Rousseff has agreed to meet with a delegation from MST to discuss their demands later this week.


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