“Corporate TV news programs amplified the voices of the federal government while neglecting to show the lives and tell the stories of those affected by federal policy,” wrote Holycross. “The programs framed the story as whether or not families who try to cross the U.S.-Mexico border should be separated, rather than exploring the causes and consequences of the current situation. In their coverage, the lived experiences of these immigrants are reduced to leverage for U.S. politicians.”

Meanwhile, a number of immigrants’ voices were heard Friday in several interviews filed as part of a federal lawsuit, in which they alleged grave mistreatment in detention centers.

Parents and children described being given rotten, inedible food and dirty drinking water, and subjected to sleep deprivation—just the latest reports of abuse to come out of immigrant detention centers.

Democratic lawmakers and progressive congressional candidates like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have condemned the facilities for the secrecy with which they operate.

On Twitter, the Fair Immigration Reform Movement wrote that reports of abuse that are gradually trickling out of detention centers confirm that the Trump administration is guilty of human rights abuses.

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