Two U.S. soldiers and three Afghani commandos were also killed in the firefight, the report stated.

Among the injured was Mohammad Reza, who was injured when his house was bombed in the November 4 airstrikes. He told the New York Times that when villagers left their shelters to collect the victims, they were targeted again by jet planes and gunships.

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“We left the dead bodies and escaped from the area,” he said at the time. “I lost my four nephews, my father and my brother in the bombing. My wife, my brother’s wife, my mother, and my son were injured in the airstrike on my house.”

The investigation concludes after a separate report, issued last week by the Council of Foreign Relations, found that the U.S. bombed Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, and Yemen roughly three times an hour in 2016.

In President Barack Obama’s last year in office, the U.S. dropped a total of 26,171 bombs in seven countries, the report stated, with the warning that estimates were “undoubtedly low.”

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