And while calls have grown for an independent investigation into potential collusion between the Kremlin and the Trump camp, the president has focused his wrath on the “low-life leakers,” as he wrote on Twitter early Thursday, vowing: “They will be caught!”

As many have pointed out, Trump’s opinion of such leaks has shifted dramatically since his days on the campaign trail when he declared, “I love WikiLeaks,” after the outlet published emails hacked from the account of John Podesta, campaign manager for Trump’s political rival Hillary Clinton.

“But this is Washington,” the Times‘ Michael D. Shear observed in a separate story on Wednesday, “where leaks are common currency—and, depending what side you’re on, either sinister or patriotic.

“Democrats these days see the proliferation of leaks about the Trump administration as the acts of public servants revealing the misdeeds of a presidency,” Shear continued. “Republicans see them as the reckless actions of disgruntled bureaucrats eager to advance their own agendas and sabotage Mr. Trump. Either way, Mr. Trump’s presidential flip-flop follows a landmark month for Washington leaks.”

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