“The new survey’s first-of-its kind data on the 1% shows that life satisfaction continues to rise with income through at least the $500,000-a-year threshold,” Ingraham wrote. “The rich might not be any happier than the rest of us on a day-to-day basis, in other words, but they are an awful lot more self-satisfied.”

A number of factors show why low-income Americans report far lower rates of satisfaction with their lives; nearly 40% of respondents in this group said they have trouble paying their bills and about a third of them said they struggle to afford groceries.

Wealthy respondents appeared to concern themselves little with the everyday struggles of those with far fewer resources. More than half of the richest people said they did not believe it should be a priority for lawmakers to reduce income inequality.

“I am completely shocked that rich people don’t see income inequality as a problem,” S.E. Smith, deputy editor of Talk Poverty, tweeted sarcastically.

Only 50% of Republicans in the 1% told the researchers they believed the U.S. government should make it a top priority to guarantee healthcare to all Americans, a step that would reduce the financial burden on low-income households, while 48% of low-income Republicans said this should be a priority. About 90% of Democrats across income levels said policymakers should prioritize healthcare for Americans.

Also on Thursday, a separate study from Emory University showed that while rich Americans largely do not concern themselves with what changes can be made to help those with less, one relatively small step could have a profound effect on low-income workers.

After reviewing increases in the minimum wage at the state level between 1990 and 2005, researchers found that raising the minimum wage above $7.25 per hour—the federal rate—by just $1 could reduce suicides by 27,000.

Increasing the wage by $2 could save 57,000 lives, according to the report.

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