“Have we made progress in civil rights in this country since the early 1960s when I lived [in Chicago]? No question about it,” Sanders said. “Do we still have a long way to go to end the institutional racism which permeates almost every aspect of our society? Absolutely.”

The Vermont senator vowed to “change a system in which tens of thousands every single year get criminal records for possessing marijuana, but not one major Wall Street executive went to jail for destroying our economy in 2008.”

Sanders also highlighted Sandra Bland, Laquan McDonald, Michael Brown, and other African Americans who have been killed by police in recent years to argue for large-scale police reforms.

Noting that ideas previously characterized as “crazy and extreme” by the Democratic establishment are now considered mainstream , Sanders declared, “We are now on the brink of not just winning an election, but transforming this country.”

“If we stand together believing in justice and human dignity, if we believe in love and compassion, the truth is there is nothing we cannot accomplish,” the Vermont senator concluded. “Let us go forward together.”

Watch the full Chicago event:

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