But, according to HuffPost, the Rules Committee imposed a criteria on potential witnesses that could severely limit the scope of the hearing.

“Is it a farce? It probably is, but no one wants to say that,” an anonymous individual who was recommended to the Rules Committee as a possible witness told HuffPost.

As HuffPost reported:

McGovern denied that there were strict limitations on who would be permitted to testify at the hearing.

According to HuffPost, Wendell Primus was closely involved in the process of selecting witnesses.

As Common Dreams reported, Primus has attacked Medicare for All in private meetings with insurance executives, sparking anger from progressives.

Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.), the lead sponsor of the Medicare for All Act of 2019, confronted Primus earlier this month over his “inappropriate” efforts to undercut single-payer behind closed doors even as support for the plan continues to grow within the Democratic Party and nationally.

Primus, according to HuffPost, told congressional committee staffers last month that the Medicare for All hearing is nothing more than a “check the box and move on type of thing.”

“What they want is a hearing that’s not about Medicare for All,” an anonymous source involved in planning for the hearing told HuffPost. “They want someone to say, ‘Hey, there’s all these different ways of doing things, none of them are bad, they’re all equally good.'”

Reacting to HuffPost‘s reporting, DSA for Medicare for All—the single-payer advocacy campaign of the Democratic Socialists of America—tweeted, “Pelosi doesn’t want a fair hearing on Medicare for All, because she knows we’d win.”

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