“Now, the message of all of these strongmen is very clear,” Klein explains. “They have a sharply defined in-group—the people who are, you know, the real citizens of their countries, who they offer protection to.”

But the in-groups need out-groups, and, as Klein continues, the strongmen are only too happy to find examples of those. 

The climate crisis combined with the rise of ethno-supremacy, says Klein, is a recipe for disaster.

“We have these two fires, the fires of climate disruption, these very real fires of climate chaos—the storms, the drought, the fires—but also, the political fires,” Klein says.

Klein concludes with asking viewers to support the Green New Deal to address the climate and political crises, citing millions around the world—including teen activist and newly-minted TIME Person of the Year Greta Thunberg—who are mobilizing against the system in a third fire of justice.

“The Green New Deal is a vision that is our best and only chance of putting out those other two fires, the political fires and the climate fires, simultaneously,” says Klein.

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