Critics of Facebook say the company should acknowledge that it’s used by many as a news publisher and hold itself accountable for the content that appears on the platform.

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Zuckerberg also came under fire at Wednesday’s hearing for Facebook’s algorithm and the company’s practice of optimizing ads by sending them to specific demographics—a policy which critics say exacerbates housing discrimination and is reminiscent of the redlining which segregated neighborhoods in the 20th century.

“Technological innovations have created new opportunities for discrimination in U.S. housing markets that may be harder to spot, investigate, and attribute to any particular individual when proprietary algorithms are making decisions that have systemic impacts,” wrote the committee ahead of the hearing.

“You have even enabled the practice of this dreaded redlining of certain communities, restricting them from housing and employment opportunities,” said Rep. David Scott (D-Ga.). “We in Congress have worked hard for the past 50 years to eliminate the very racial discrimination practices that your platform is guilty of.”

Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.) drove the discussion back to Libra and Zuckerberg’s claim that the cryptocurrency would help the 1.7 billion people around the world who cannot afford to use banks for their financial needs.

“I know you understand the tech and business case for Libra, you have the stats, but I’m not sure you understand the source of the pain that millions are experiencing, that are experiencing underbanking and credit invisibility,” Pressley said.

“This is not about banking costs,” she added. “This is about a tsunami of hurt that millions are experiencing because of a $1.6 trillion student debt crisis, because of rising healthcare costs and people having to use GoFundMe pages to pay medical bills.”

“You represent the power,” the congresswoman said, “but I don’t think you understand the pain.”

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