The group said that the candidates’ letter signifies that Sanders, Warren, Booker, and Harris support current and former NBC employees who “have courageously put their livelihoods on the line to demand change and accountability.”

“UltraViolet and our 1.2 million members have their backs, and we are proud to say that Senator Cory Booker, Senator Kamala Harris, Senator Bernie Sanders, and Senator Elizabeth Warren have their backs too,” said Shaunna Thomas, executive director of UltraViolet. “Everyone on the side of survivors has a role to play in using their influence to push Comcast and NBC to do the right thing. The DNC has leverage as a critical media partner in the 2020 election and they owe it to survivors to use it.”

Former NBC producer Rich McHugh, who worked with journalist Ronan Farrow on reporting about Harvey Weinstein’s alleged serial sexual abuse which the network refused to air in 2017, echoed the call on social media.

NBC employees are still upset, angry, and fearful, and yet part of the solution is simple: independent investigation,” McHugh wrote.

The company has claimed that its own internal investigation into sexual misconduct at the company following Lauer’s firing in 2017 was sufficient, particularly because female lawyers led the probe, according to HuffPost journalist Emily Peck. 

“Yet there is clearly something wrong with a work environment reluctant to hold management accountable,” wrote the senators. “That’s what allowed the behavior of powerful abusers inside the company to go unchecked.”

“Comcast should have and needs to do more to shift the work culture and pursue significant structural changes in order to prevent future harassment and abuse at NBC and MSNBC,” they added. “Until that happens, employees are at risk.”

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