Most, though not all, of the brief’s authors served in Democratic administrations.

And the filing from 97 technology companies, including Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Netflix, Twitter, and Uber, “represents a rare coordinated action across a broad swath of the industry—97 companies in total—and demonstrates the depth of animosity toward the Trump ban,” according to the Washington Post.

“The order represents a significant departure from the principles of fairness and predictability that have governed the immigration system of the United States for more than 50 years,” the brief reads. “The order makes it more difficult and expensive for U.S. companies to recruit, hire, and retain some of the world’s best employees. It disrupts ongoing business operations. And it threatens companies’ ability to attract talent, business, and investment to the United States.”

Despite this outpouring of opposition, Trump “continued to use Twitter to wage an unprecedented public relations battle on behalf of his order and against judges standing in its way,” Politico reported. He particularly targeted U.S. District Court Judge James Robart, the Seattle-based George W. Bush appointee who issued Friday’s temporary restraining order on Trump’s ban—calling him a “so-called judge” on Saturday and going even further on Sunday:

Doing so, Jay Willis argued at GQ, puts Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch, “in a very tough position.”

At Gorsuch’s confirmation hearings, “[t]his question…will be near-impossible to duck,” Willis writes:

Indeed, some said Trump’s outbursts could have an even graver effect, bringing about what Huffington Post reporters Jessica Schulberg and Sam Levine described as a “constitutional crisis by eroding the independence of the judiciary and signaling to government agencies that they should ignore legal decisions that clash with the president’s agenda.”  

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