Sex education programs have been found to reduce teen pregnancy, increase contraceptive use, and reduce sexually transmitted infection rates, according to Planned Parenthood, after having been “rigorously tested by experts and vetted and analyzed.”

“The administration is really not using science. The administration is really using ideology, and those are very different,” Sara Flowers, vice president of education for the organization, told the Guardian.

Scientists also pointed to the rollback of a ban on the pesticide chlorpyrifos in 2017, which caused nearly 50 farm workers to become ill due to exposure shortly thereafter. The EPA is currently appealing a judge’s order to reinstate the ban.

The newspaper’s report comes days after the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists published its own list of the Trump administration and Republican Party’s worst attacks on science over the past year.

The Bulletin highlighted Trump’s refusal to accept data on Hurricane Maria’s death toll in Puerto Rico, insisting that reports of at least 3,000 deaths due to the storm were “done by the Democrats in order to make me look as bad as possible”; the administration’s opposition to global breastfeeding guidance and its ominous threats to several countries unless they also opposed the UN resolution; and the Health and Human Services’s department erasure of transgender and intersex people.   

The group concluded that 2018 was “a banner year in the war on science.”

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