The group’s shortlist includes longtime racial and criminal justice reform advocates Michelle Alexander and Bryan Stevenson; Nicole Berner, general counsel for the SEIU; Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights CEO Vanita Gupta, who has also served in the Civil Rights division at the Justice Department; and Judge Carlton Reeves, an Obama appointee who has blocked and sharply criticized some of the most extreme anti-choice laws put forward under the Trump administration.

“Democrats running for president…should be bold enough to pick someone who’s worked to defend civil rights, workers’ rights, or reproductive rights” to serve on the nation’s highest courts, tweeted Demand Justice executive director Brian Fallon.

Formal federal civil rights prosecutor Chiraag Bains praised Demand Justice for including on its shortlist people with “serious intellectual firepower, a history of being proximate to suffering, and a commitment to the Constitution’s core democratic values.”

“This is a very effective demonstration of how easily a Democratic president could find very progressive SCOTUS nominees if they wanted to,” tweeted Vox journalist Ian Millhiser.

Demand Justice also called on the news media—particularly the CNN and New York Times journalists who are moderating the Democratic debate on Thursday evening—to address the question of who the candidates might nominate to federal court seats.

“We need you to ask about the courts at the Democratic debate,” Demand Justice wrote. “The GOP has hijacked our nation’s courts, and voters need to hear plans to fight back.”

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