“FERC has no system for evaluating the impact of new fossil fuel infrastructure’s greenhouse gas emissions or cumulative effects of climate change on communities,” said BXE’s Sam Delaney. “This is unacceptable conduct for a government agency tasked with protecting communities and regulating the energy industry.”

LaFleur has expressed concern in the past over emissions from energy projects, but has been loathe to have those concerns dictate her votes on infrastructure. 

That should change, activists said, even if she only has a month or so left to weigh in. 

“The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has released a report that indicates we have less than 11 years to prevent catastrophic climate change,” said Delaney. “We cannot lock our national energy grid into decades more of fossil fuels such as natural gas and oil. We must take steps to move to 100 percent renewables as quickly as possible.”

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